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June 8, 2006
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TT-It's Automatic by ramhay TT-It's Automatic by ramhay
YEEEEEY. I blame for this one. :0 She asked me to. And she's my little sister and we love the same stuff and I love her like insanely. So, this is for you Belle (and for me, to secretly indulge xD)! :heart:

Uuummm. Basically, it's Speedy and Aqualad casually looking (or attempting to look) sexy together. Yeah. I have NO color scheming skills. And the pink looked NICE. No, really, I just have a problem with using pink in pictures. I'm thinking it's my secret favorite color xD may make it look reeeeaaally gay. And overly done :0. And this is the closest I will (at current) ever get to a yaoi (guyxguy) picture. As such, it can really be taken either way. It looks more like posing anyway.

Technical issues...I hate feet. Especially feet in shoes. But, I wanted to actually draw a full-body standing picture for once. So, ignore the feet. Eh...they have (well, Speedy moreso) somewhat longer limbs than normal, maybe, so...yeah. Well, longer for me. I wanted to try out a different kinda style, and I've been watching Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles for the past...week. So, CLAMP inspired me :0 However, they're just slimmer and longer than what I usually do. I also tried a semi cel shading, semi soft shading thing, which hopefully looks decent. And...I have no fashion sense xDD Whatsoever.

And, finally, I'm sorry if any one is bothered by this (or what it implies, mainly). I don't mean to offend! I'm just...drawing :) AND, I'm finally able to get a bit of art out again, and get it done. Which is good for me. 'Cause I completely love Speedy's head x33 And arm.

It's like bright CANDY! :0 *shoots self for bright colors*

Aqualad and Speedy DC Comics
ALSO: Title is the song "It's Automatic" by Utada Hikari, which I was listening to at one point while colouring it. In my twisted head, it fit :0 So yeah, that title belongs to her. And her record company.
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AnaBoji15 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2011   General Artist
No it's greese lightening and such a cute couple :la:
Mothy67 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2010
Loooooove how Aqualad looks!:iconinloveplz:
PriestessOfNox Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2008
Love their casual outfits.
ramhay Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2008
:) Thanks~o3o
harlequinightingale Featured By Owner May 15, 2007
Aqualad looks sexy!
ramhay Featured By Owner May 15, 2007
:)~Glad you think so! :heart:
cant-feel-you Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2007   Digital Artist
PRETTY and Utada Hikaru ROCKS!
Cherry-Red Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2007
Mmm... Shmexy-ness x42. There should have been more Titans East in the series. T_T

Very, very awesome and well done but, is it just me, or are there five hands in this picture? o_0

A very late +fav...
Asukawa Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2006
Drakar612 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2006  Hobbyist Writer
Nice one although it looks kinda of homosexual but it is very good
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